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RIVO (Intervention Network for persons affected by organized violence)  is a non-profit organization whose purpose and actions stem from values of social justice, collaboration, solidarity, and equity.

Our mission is to support the rehabilitation and integration, in Quebec, of newcomers and any other person traumatized by organized violence – whether political, social, identity or religious. Our interventions extend beyond the individual refugee, reaching out to entire communities of family and friends.

Based in Montreal, RIVO offers free counselling to refugees and asylum seekers to help them overcome the consequences of violence suffered abroad. While assisting newcomers in rebuilding their lives, RIVO helps them reconnect with their families, integrate into their neighbourhoods and fully contribute to their host society. 

RIVO shares expertise with local and international partners.While providing services in numerous fields, RIVO’s main expertise is to provide: 

  • Therapeutic support to victims of organized violence - in several languages (add hyperlink)
  • Specialized training of community stakeholders
  • Public awareness
  • Research
  • Rights representation



Give Today

RIVO relies on private donations, large and small, to develop innovative practices and promising projects, such as art therapy, family support, and first line respondent training. 


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Un texte de Gabrielle Roy étudiante en psychologie de l’UQAM   Michel Peterson est psychanalyste, travailleur social et clinicien de RIVO....
Un texte de Gabrielle Roy étudiante en psychologie de l’UQAM  ...


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