One life at a time

Montreal, RIVO provides a range of no-charge psychological and emotional care to people who have experienced organized violence and forced migration. To complement our traditional therapeutic activities we are busy developing sustainable, arts-based methodologies. RIVO's clients usually are referred to us by CLSCs and other professionals.

We also share our expertise by offering training opportunities and professional support for community workers and medical, mental health and social work professionals. We collaborate in several local and international partnerships.


RIVO Staff


John Docherty, Coordinator
Counselor and Mennonite pastor, John has worked with refugees for over 25 years. He is a founding member of RIVO and has been coordinating the RIVO network since 2002.



Véronique Harvey, Head of Communications and Funding 
She is a social worker and psychotherapist specialized in trauma and intercultural issues who has worked as a clinician in the USA and Canada while training practitioners and advocating on behalf of refugees.



Maisan Al Masalkhi, Coordination Assistant
After studying French literature in Syria, Maisan garnered 18 years of volunteering work with the Red Crescent in Syria. In 2006, after the Iraq war, she worked with UNICEF providing children with psychosocial support. She is now a volunteer with the Canadian Red Cross and assists the coordinator at RIVO.


RIVO network of therapist members

Stéphane Alix, Psychologist

Rosanne Baatz, Psychotherapist

Soumaya Baklouti, Psychotherapist

Gabrielle Bélanger-Dumontier, Psychologist

Saliha Benkacem Bahig, Psychologist

Margarita Muniz Buenrostro, Massage therapist

Liliana Carreno, Psychologist

Vanessa Cediel, Psychologist

Marie Charlebois, Psychologist

Pascal Chavannes, Psychologist

Katia El Eter, Psychotherapist

May Elrakhawy, Psychologist

Heather Fraser Fawcett, Counsellor

Marilyn Gabriel, Massage therapist

Margarita Maria Giraldo, Psychologist

Cynthia Glen, Psychologist

Chantal Gravel, Psychologist

Veronique Harvey, Msw, Psychotherapist

Jairo Jaramillo, Psychotherapist

Nadejda Juracovschi Timpov, Psychologist

Sophia Koukoui, Psychologist

Ann-Marie Lambert, Psychologist

Sylvie Laurion, Psychologist

Ranya Letsas, Psychologist

Anousheh Machouf, Psychologist

Kaisorak Madriz, Psychologist

Fahimeh Mianji, Psychologist

Mariko Morin, Psychologist

Maribel Nunez, Psychologist

Rose Oudot, Psychologist

Agustina Perez Saldana, Psychologist

Michel Peterson, Psychotherapist

Hue-Tam Pham-Thi, Psychotherapist

Jonathan Quiros, Psychotherapist

Claude Sauriol, Psychologist

Myriam Vargas de Luna, Psychologist

Musuk Viger Rojas, Psychologist


Board of Directors


Gilles de Margerie, President
Family physician with international development experience and specialty training in community health, Gilles works at the Clinic for Asylum Seekers and Refugees (CDAR) in Côte des Neiges.



Claude Sauriol, Treasurer
Psychologist with extensive experience as a clinician and program consultant, Claude possesses particular expertise in designing psychosocial interventions post-violent events and disasters.



Luke Martin, Secretary
Engaged for nearly three decades with homeless, ex-convicts, refugees and immigrants in Montreal, Luke directs The House of Friendship, an organization dedicated to peace and community solidarity.



Ève Gaudet
Lawyer specialized in corporate commercial litigation and arbitration with the firm Borden Ladner Gervais, Ève has pursued legal studies and experienced urban outreach while in Brazil.



Catherine Quinty-Falardeau
Catherine is a social worker involved with asylum seekers since 2013. In 2004, while working in Honduras, she discovered counseling.



Monique Tremblay
Holding a master's in psychology, Monique worked as a psychologist for over 30 years. She has developed and conducted various training programs in the health and social services networks as well as the TCRI, intervening with refugees and people living in poverty. Monique also leads clinical discussion meetings. Now retired, she is a member of RIVO's Board and the Service d'éducation et d'intégration interculturelle de Montréal (SEIIM).



Ysabel Viau
Business development strategist, writer and author, this "nomad" is interested in cultural diversity and geopolitics, namely since her sojourn in East Timor in 2003, when the developing country was rebuilding after a devastating civil war. She joined RIVO's Board in the spring of 2016.








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