From its Montreal-based office, RIVO offers free counselling mainly to refugees and asylum seekers. We also develop art-based methodologies to complement our psychotherapeutic activities.  Furthermore, RIVO shares its expertise with local, regional and international partners by providing training and support for frontline professionals working with refugees and asylum seekers.


1) Victims of organized violence

(mainly refuges and asylum seekers)

  • Psychotherapy
    • Individual (adults; adolescents; children)
    • Group (support relationship; art therapy; group meeting without appointment)
  • Massage therapy  (adults)
  • Psychological expertise (reports for immigration / applicable fees) 

Who can benefit from our services? 

Any man, woman or child, who suffered or witnessed organized act(s) of violence and who experiences significant psychological distress symptoms, and who is willing to talk to a mental health professional. We also offer free services to relatives who need support. 

To make a referral, contact RIVO :

tel: (514) 282-0661 / or

2) Professionals and agencies

  • Introductory training on traumas experienced by refugees and asylum seekers
  • Customized trauma, torture and/or secondary trauma training designed as per professional needs
  • Coaching for professionals wishing to develop their intervention skills (occasional or continuous)
  • Staff support (individual or group)

Contact for information or requests:

John Docherty, RIVO coordinator
tel: 514-282-0661 |


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