2019 Campaign


RIVO celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2018 with the From Surviving to Living campaign -- a year full of experiences and important in the development of our organization. This pivotal milestone brings us to our next phase, which we are excited to share with you.

In 2019, RIVO will expand services in the region: symbolizing a new stage in our evolution. This ambitious project is made possible thanks to a donation from the Bell Let’s Talk initiative in October 2018.

Our new campaign, RIVO takes wing across the region, needs the support of our friends and donors to truly take flight. So while the daisy remains the symbol of RIVO, the monarch butterfly embodies RIVO’s own flight towards the horizon of healing we wish for our clients.


Why the monarch butterfly?

Monarch butterflies are a true phenomenon of migration. Despite their fragile appearance, they have tremendous resilience, travelling more than 5000 kilometres each year. They leave Canada in the fall for Mexico, covering a huge swathe of North America in their voyage. The monarch possesses sophisticated mechanisms allowing it to survive predators, despite its apparent vulnerability: the nectar it gathers provides it with a venom that allows it to repel its predators. And when it suffers an attack, injuries don’t slow a monarch down - this astonishing migrant creature just keeps on flying! The monarch is more than just a diminutive presence: it contributes to our world’s well-being and supports a natural ecosystem through its important work of pollinating flowers. It distinguishes itself through its capacity to migrate and to adapt. But in order to do all this, the monarch butterfly needs a safe environment in which to develop in and bloom.

Just like the remarkable Monarch, our RIVO clients never cease to amaze and inspire us in their own journeys from trauma to healing. But no matter how resilient they have shown themselves to be, vulnerable newcomers need psychological support so that they can move forward: as individuals, to ultimately take flight and move towards embodying their own full potential.

We invite you to share in the extraordinary adventure of our work over this next year. With your aid and support, we will travel together.  

To share some of our more memorable moments from 2018, click on the link (available in French only): Bilan 2018  



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