The daisy

Why is the white daisy RIVO’s symbol?

DaisyDuring its 2015 revival, the RIVO adopted daisy as a symbol of resilience, not only representing those who are receiving therapy, but also the body that had to rebuild itself after the 2012 limitations. The character of this flower of hope and light illustrates the journey of those who manage to rebuild themselves after fleeing a hostile environment in their country of origin.

Native of Eurasia, the white daisy arrived with the first American colonists. It likes to grow in full sun and has the potential to grow both in the fields and on arid lands.

The ability of daisy to successfully cope with intense stress, to recover, to adapt, and to successfully live positively in spite of adverse circumstances, are some characteristics of this force of life.  And RIVO considers every single survivor as the one who has the ability to reinvent itself.

The word daisy comes from the Latin "margarita" and this one was borrowed from the Greek word "margarites" which means "pearl". In English, the word "daisy" comes from Old English and means "eye of day" because these flowers only open during the day.

In Victorian times, different species of daisies symbolized different things:

  • The daisy of St. Michael (Aster amellus) symbolized a goodbye or departure.
  • Gerbera daisies represented cheerfulness. They were often accompanied by ferns that symbolized sincerity.
  • Daisies (Bellis perennis) symbolize innocence. They were often accompanied by primroses that are a symbol of childhood and/or moss which symbolizes maternal love.

Today, daisies can be associated with the sun just because they look like little suns. Offering landscapes of great beauty, the daisy is a symbol of grandeur, fidelity and esteem.

In our days, white daisies can be associated to the sun, simply because they remind us little suns.Therefore, RIVO chose the white daisy as an icon for its hopeful message and its idea of renewal. By offering white daisies, a person wishes the other one to see the world as she or he used to do as a child.

Thus, the RIVO chose the daisy to represent itself since this flower is a message of hope and renewal. By offering daisies, the one who gives them hopes that the one who will receive them will see the world as he saw it when he was a child.

Happy 25th anniversary to all of you,


RIVO’s Team



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