Organized violence

« Organized violence is the purposeful and systematic use of terror and brutality to control individuals, groups and communities.  Trough the use of overwhelming force, it causes fear and helplessness among its victims.  Its methods include causing severe pains and suffering, killing, intimidating, threatening and in some cases destroying a community, thence group or political opposition. Government usually direct military, police and political organizations to perform organized violence, or those groups may act indecently in the persecution of specific individuals, groups and communities.  Opposition groups may also terrorize and brutalize civilian populations in order to gain power by creating fear and social disorder. » 

Kane S. Working with victims of organized violence from different cultures. A Red Cross and Red Crescent Guide. International  Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies. Genève, Suisse, 1995, p.5.

Courtesy of the artist @ Nizar Ali Badr


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