Narrative Therapy training session

Text by Véronique Harvey, MSc, MSW, psychotherapist for RIVO

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Narrative Therapy: a Tool for the Reconstruction of the Self among Survivors of Organized Violence

Developing knowledge on Narrative Therapy continues at RIVO as we hosted a second training session on the topic. Narrative Therapy is a solution-oriented practice (Michael White and David Epston). It enhances a person's ability to mobilize by becoming aware of his/her own resilience.

Last year's session gathered therapists from RIVO only. This year's session welcomed 18 clinicians from academia, community and independent practice who brought perspectives specific to their work context and clienteles. This multifaceted assembly highlighted the undeniable flexibility and adaptability of this approach, which places great emphasis on a person's uniqueness as well as on the therapeutic relationship.

Let us remember that narrative therapy aims to rewrite the individual's life story to let their resilience emerge allowing the reconstruction of self-esteem, trust and positive identity. These elements are central to RIVO therapists' work with survivors of organized violence.

RIVO would like to thank the participants who made this inspiring and historic meeting possible. We especially thank André Grégoire (retired psychologist and narrative therapy trainer) for his thoroughness, his sensitivity, his humanity and his limitless generosity.

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